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Micromobility:the new trend in post pandemic world
Monday, May 30th, 2022    admin
New Normal

As we look to a post-pandemic return to “normalcy”, we are witnessing Global Cities feeling the pressure to meet the basic requirements of its inhabitants. The biggest issues that are impacting dense urban metropolitans are transportation services. Yes, the essential backbone that moves people to and from centers of education, work and healthcare. There is a major disruption with Urban commuters shifting away from public transit to micromobility alternatives,  like electric scooters and e-bikes. The reason? Coronavirus. 

With recent data showing Public Transportation use down 40%, despite new infections falling and “masks” mandates for riders. It is hard to see ridership coming back to pre-pandemic levels because riders simply do not trust the hygiene, or lack thereof, traveling with strangers. Many perceive shared transportation as a health risk. 

The Rise of eFleets

Hence, the rise of a new macrotrend. Micromobility. With fewer points of contact and ease of maintaining physical distance commuters consider this a less risky alternative than other shared modes of transportation. There is also a higher awareness of hygiene, making micromobility a preferred method to travel over public transportation – with the added benefit of being a quiet and eco-friendly mode of travel that avoids congestion on busy streets. This is why we are seeing that 60% of the short-distance  trips (0-5 miles) in the U.S. are on bikes and scooters. 

Shelter-in-place mandates and city lockdowns have caused a major shift in the mindset of customer behaviour and how they choose to travel. This has caused many commuters, in dense urban areas, to ditch the Zipcar or Uber and try a new mode of transportation with micromobility, even taking longer trips that the standard “last-mile” because of a shift in use cases and overall needs. 

Top Priority: Safety

According to McKinsey & Company, the main concern for commuters who are traveling for Business or Personal trips is: Risk of Infection. Covid has forever changed the landscape of how we all think about our personal space, hygiene and our overall safety. 

The good news? FEISHEN is here to help you keep up with this demand. We have helped RideShare Operators, and Local Governments, across the Globe address these macrotrends head on to quickly deploy and scale their eFleets. 

With a portfolio of intelligent eVehicles that feature IoT Tracking (Geo-Fencing), Anti-Theft Solutions, Docking, Charging Stations, along with our own Backend Cloud Service for Fleet Management – we aren’t just a supplier – we are an advanced technology partner. Let our eFleets help you power your Streets to move people and goods, safely, across your city. 

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