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The FNM Program
Monday, May 30th, 2022    admin

The FNM (Feishen New Mobility) Program was formulated by the best minds of the Feishen group to provide an all new approach to personal electric vehicle manufacturing. Our main goal from implementing this new mobility plan is to shape the way global agents conduct business with Chinese-based manufacturers. Our new strategy is to provide adaptive solutions to unique markets in order to improve the mutual outcomes of our agents. At the product level, the FNM plan includes:

1)Electric Scooters

Our product line associated with the FNM program provides mobility options ranging from lightweight personal use scooters to new, off-road ready models that can take on multiple terrains.

2)Ride Share Electric Scooters

Feishen Group has worked to create advanced solutions to e-scooter ride sharing. With our heavy-duty multi-climate e-scooter models, ride share companies can utilize advanced riding systems with integrated safety features to expand to networks in many different cities.

3)Electric Bicycles

Our Electric bicycle lineup includes new designs for urban electric bicycles built for recreation. We also have all-terrain electric bicycles that are useful in a variety of environments and are designed with unique materials to promote durability and performance.

4)Miscellaneous Wheel Products

Along with all powerful electric vehicles, Feishen is famed for designing unique children’s mobility toys and hobby equipment. Our child-friendly cycling designs and electric scooters are built for younger explorers.

With a new and improved business model that also includes marketing and sales support, we are your go-to partner for all-around servicing. Our FNM program is designed to make your business worry-free by providing the most detailed and supportive manufacturing services possible. Our new business model will provide two main advantages that are unseen of for manufacturers within this industry:

1)We prioritize client needs and relationships

We are breaking free from the traditional “purchasing relationship” between agent and factory and providing a new all-around servicing model to improve the performance of our client’s businesses. Instead of focusing only on the individual, Feishen is determined to build a cooperative relationship which will help define goals and reach milestones in a quicker and more efficient manner.

2)We can assist our international partners with all aspects of business

Instead of stopping with cooperation after payment for the goods ordered, Feishen goes above and beyond to provide all-around support to our partners to ensure success. We provide a range of marketing and sales services to improve your outcomes, with particular benefits such as:

-Paid promotion assistance on social media platforms and search engines

-Creation of marketing material content in terms of videos, photos, and written content

-Shopify or e-commerce platform creation and design assistance

For 2021, Feishen is setting ourselves up for massive growth and improvement within the manufacturing sector by providing innovative solutions to modern market structures. Our breakthroughs in management style, services, and product development allow us to keep improving our business in order to better serve our clients.

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